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Our annual tenant satisfaction survey

Each year we employ a specialist research company to ask a random sample of tenants what they think about our services. 

During July and August 2023, ARP Research carried out our annual tenant satisfaction survey to help us understand tenant satisfaction with the services we provide as a landlord.

The survey was sent to a sample of 5,000 tenants and we had a good response rate of 38%.

The findings will be used to help us plan how to deliver our services and make service improvements. Results also show a comparison to 2022 and if they have increased, decreased, or stayed the same.

Annual Customer Satisfaction Survey

What the survey tells us

Overall satisfaction with the services provided by Berneslai Homes has fallen to 77% compared to 84% in 2022. The decline in satisfaction is consistent when comparing against our peers where scores have been impacted by the cost-of-living crisis, rent increase and shortages in labour and materials.

Over the coming months we’ll be looking at the results with our officers and tenants to identify actions.

Thanks to everyone who completed our tenant satisfaction survey 2023.  You can see our progress on the 2022 action plan below, we’ll update this when we have agreed any new actions with tenants. 

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