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Barnsley Homeseeker Checker

The Barnsley Homeseeker Checker works out the average number of weeks an applicant like you (in the same priority band and wanting the same property type) waited to be rehoused in Council Ward areas. It is based on lettings over the last 3 years and also tells you the number of lettings made in your chosen areas.

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Priority Banding

We categorise applicants according to their needs. If you know what band you are in select the right option. If you haven't yet applied and do not know what band you will be in select the one you think you will be in.

Full details of our priority banding criteria can be found in our Lettings Policy

Tell us about who is moving with you

By giving us details of your moving group we will be able to calculate your bedroom requirements in line with the Lettings Policy and use this to identify suitable stock in your areas of choice.

Please only include people who will be moving into your new home with you not people who are living in your current home.

When selecting the moving group an adult couple counts as 1, so for example a husband moving with a wife would equal 1 adult couple.

** Additional bedroom allowance for carers or support would be subject to assessment.

Tell us the type of property you want to live in

Waiting time for flats, bungalows, bedsits and maisonettes are typically shorter than those for houses and being open to considering different property types is likely to significantly shorten your wait time.

Bedsits, sometimes called studio flats typically have a combined living and bedroom area with separate, private bathroom and kitchen.

Maisonettes are 2 story properties above other buildings, usually shops. Due to their construction there are steps leading to the front entrance so a maisonette is unlikely to be suitable for households where one or more members has mobility issues.

Tell us which area of Barnsley you want to live in

Increasing the number of areas which you are willing to move to is likely to significantly decrease your waiting time to be rehoused.

There is variation across the Borough in terms of the amount of properties we own in areas and how often properties become available.

By selecting an area the tool will show how many properties have been let in an area, the street the property was on and the waiting time for people in the same band as you.

Privacy Statement

Entering your application reference number (if known) is optional. If entered it will allow the Assessment Team to manage your housing application, entering your reference number will have no effect on the priority assigned to your Housing Application.

If known, please enter your housing app reference number below:


You would be eligible for a bedroom property based on the criteria entered for people in your band. Click on a ward to find further details

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