Apply for minor adaptations

Minor adaptations include adaptations like:

  • a second stair rail
  • a metal hand rail
  • grab rails
  • a lever tap
Who can apply for minor adaptations?

You can apply yourself or someone can apply for you. We’ll normally only agree to adapt a home if the person who needs the adaptations is the tenant, their partner or a member of their family who lives in the home permanently. This person must find it difficult to live in the home because of its facilities.

We don’t carry out adaptations if you’ve applied to buy your home under the Right to Buy scheme.

How do I apply for minor adaptations?

We do not usually need to do an assessment for minor adaptations.

You can call us on 01226 787878 for simple adaptations such as grab rails or lever taps.

Feel free to visit your local Barnsley Library and Customer Service Centre to apply too.

How long will this process take?

If we agree to a minor adaptation to your home, we’ll order the work with our construction partner. We aim to carry out works within seven working days of ordering them.


Do I have to pay for the costs?

Absolutely not! We won’t charge you for any equipment or adaptations which we or our partners agree to provide you with. However, any equipment we provide you with belongs to us or our partners and you’ll need to give it back if the person we provided it for doesn’t need it anymore.