How we assess

What happens once I’ve applied and asked for an assessment?

The Equipment, Adaptation and Sensory Impairment Service may want to visit you at your home and will arrange this with you. An occupational therapist or an equipment and adaptations officer will talk to you and watch the way you do things. They’ll also offer you advice.

How do we assess you?

We make our decisions by considering:

  • Whether you need special equipment or an adaptation
  • Whether the equipment or adaptation will meet your current and long-term needs.
  • Whether the adaptation is practical and possible for us to do
  • Whether the adaptation is reasonable
What happens if I’m not happy with your decision?

If you’re not happy, you can ask us to look at your request again. Our officers will take a fresh look at your case and will let you know their decision in four weeks. If you’re still not happy after that you can ask our appeals panel to reconsider our decision. We’ll tell you in your letter how to do that.