Temporary accommodation

Very rarely we may require some customers to move out of their homes during major works.

Why do I have to move into temporary respite accommodation?

Due to Health and Safety reasons we may recommend some of our customers stay in temporary respite accommodation whilst works are carried out.

When will you tell me that I need to move out and how much notice will you give me?

You’ll be told this at the Customer Choice Event where you pick your kitchen, bathroom and fire or during a home visit at least  2/3 weeks prior to works starting.

Do I pay the normal rent for my property or does it change when I move into temporary respite accommodation?

Yes, you’ll keep paying your normal rent. No other charges will be incurred as we will meet the cost of respite accommodation for you.

What happens to my utility bills and council tax when I move into temporary respite accommodation?

You’re required to continue paying your utility bills and council tax.

Can I choose the temporary respite accommodation or will I have to go where you tell me?

We’ll do all we can to find a suitable facility in your area, however we can only offer what facilities are available. If you have the option to stay with family or friends you can also opt to do this.

How long will I be living in temporary respite accommodation?

You’ll probably stay in respite for up to a three week period; however in some cases it can be extended.

Will I have contact with one of your officers throughout the process?

Yes, you’ll be appointed a Project Liaison Officer during the works. They will keep you up to date, as will the Site Operations Manager.

Can I still enter my home once works have started?

Unfortunately not. If you’re staying in alternative accommodation you’ll be required to sign a health and safety disclaimer explaining that you will only be allowed back into your home with the Site Operation Manager’s permission.

Will I be offered financial support for moving to temporary respite accommodation?

No. We’ll only pay the costs for the respite facility.