Our improvement programmes

Barnsley Homes Standard programme

The Barnsley Homes Standard programme follows on from the completion of Decent Homes. We’ve agreed a homes standard with the Tenant Services Authority to make sure our homes are improved and maintained to a reasonably modern level.

We do an individual survey on each property to identify what works need to be done. The survey looks at the condition of kitchens, bathrooms, central heating systems, electrical systems, doors, windows, and any structural works. An individual programme of work is then produced for each property and customers can choose their own fixtures and fittings for kitchens, bathrooms, and fires.

Pre-work inductions are done to make sure you’re fully ready and know what to expect during the works. Project Liaison Officers from Berneslai Homes and Wates Living Space will be with you throughout the process.

If you haven’t been contacted about the programme but need repairs in your home, please report this to us here

Frequently asked questions about major works

Decoration allowance is a payment we offer if you need to redecorate after we’ve carried out major works in your home. It’s assessed room-by-room, surface-by-surface, and we have a standard template to calculate it.

Your decoration allowance payment will be made directly into your bank account. If you don’t have your own bank account, you may nominate someone else to receive payment for you.

Any arrears on your rent account may be deducted from your redecoration payment in order to clear or reduce the money that you owe.

Payment may take up to 4 weeks.

Assisted decoration may be offered if you’re unable to carry out the redecoration of your property on your own, after we’ve carried out major works. We can offer you assisted decoration if:

  • all members of the household are of pensionable age/ frail/ vulnerable
  • or all members of the household have a physical or mental disability
  • and are in receipt of Disability Living Allowance or Attendance Allowance
  • and have no family or friends willing to help with the redecoration
  • or have relevant medical evidence to support their application

The decorating service that Berneslai Homes offers is:

  • Lining the walls with wallpaper
  • Painting the walls with emulsion
  • Painting of woodwork where necessary

You’ll not receive a decorating allowance in addition to this service.

Very rarely we may require some tenants to move out of their homes and into temporary respite accommodation whilst works are carried out. This is for health and safety reasons, and you’ll be told at the Customer Choice Event where you pick your kitchen, bathroom, and fire, or during a home visit at least 2-3 weeks before the works start.

Yes, you’ll keep paying your normal rent. No other charges will be incurred as we will meet the cost of respite accommodation for you. You’re required to continue paying your utility bills and Council Tax.

We’ll do all we can to find suitable accommodation in your area. If you prefer to stay with family or friends, you can also choose to do this.

You’ll probably stay in respite for up to three weeks. In some cases it can be longer, depending on the works.

Yes, you’ll be appointed a Project Liaison Officer during the works. They will keep you up to date, along with the Site Operations Manager.

Unfortunately not. If you’re staying in alternative accommodation, you’ll be required to sign a health and safety disclaimer explaining that you will only be allowed back into your home with the Site Operations Manager’s permission.

We’ll consider paying you disturbance allowance if we need to move you out of your home to carry out extensive works. Berneslai Homes will pay your removal costs as well as other costs you may have while moving such as:

  • diverting your telephone number and post to your temporary respite accommodation
  • reconnecting your alarm system if necessary

Disturbance allowance payment is designed to reimburse you for the costs that are incurred by moving into transit accommodation, moving back home, and helping re-instate items within your home.

All receipts for these costs must be kept and handed to your Project Liaison Officer. Once the works have been completed you will also receive a decoration allowance which is a contribution towards the cost of materials to redecorate your home.

Regeneration schemes

We know how important it is to live in an area that’s safe, clean, and friendly, but many things can cause a neighbourhood to decline. We have a range of projects taking place and our communities are fully involved in helping make our neighbourhoods nice places to live.

Community Refurbishment Scheme

The Community Refurbishment Scheme (CRS) is an apprentice training scheme that offers work experience and training in brickwork, fencing, hard landscaping, and associated works. The scheme is staffed by a project manager, two training instructors, and apprentices supplied from Barnsley Community Build.

Frequently asked questions about the Community Refurbishment Scheme

The scheme is an estate-based programme. We have a list of estates awaiting CRS works. All schemes are assessed on a priority needs basis where there’s an identified problem on the estate and a need for off road parking.

The scheme provides external works to the front of the property including boundary walls and off road parking, together with timber fencing between properties and any access pathway works where required.

If access to the front of the property is steep we might not be able to install off road parking. There are very strict rules in place regarding the slope of driveways and if we can’t comply with them, we can’t install a driveway.

Unfortunately not. The budget for the scheme only covers one off road parking spot per property.

Yes. We offer a service ‘at cost’ to owner occupiers attached to our properties. The cost depends on the works carried out and will be agreed with them prior to work taking place.

Yes. You’ll need to write to us for permission before starting any works. You can find out about making improvements to your own home here.