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Central neighbourhood team

The Central neighbourhood team covers these council wards: Central, Dodworth, Kingstone, Stairfoot, Worsbrough. 

The Team Leader is Cheryl Hodkinson. 

Contact the Central team

If you need to speak to a neighbourhood officer and see them on your estate, just call them over. They will be happy to help.

You can also contact your neighbourhood team by:

The team will look into your enquiry and if it requires a response will get back to you as soon as possible. We aim to respond to emails within five working days and prioritise all requests for service considering urgency, vulnerabilities, and risk. If you have non urgent enquiry, use our online form to contact us.

You can also phone our general enquiry number 01226 787878 between 9am and 5pm, Monday to Friday (this is also available 24 hours a day for emergency or urgent situations).

Our customer services team will be able to help you with most enquiries, and if they can’t help, they will take details of your question and a neighbourhood officer will contact you about it within five working days.

If they feel your question needs answering more urgently, they will ask a neighbourhood officer to contact you sooner.

Central Neighbourhood Team Photo

Your local estate walkabouts and 'Your Community, Your Say' meetings

We’re currently reviewing how we do local engagement in your area.

'Your community, your say' meetings

Worsbrough and Ward Green Area Your Community Your Say Meeting

Friday 8 March 2024 11am – Maltas Court Community Centre, Worsbrough Dale.

Tuesday 11 June 2024 11am – Elm Court Community Centre, Worsbrough Bridge.

Friday 27 September 2024 11am – Maltas Court, Community Centre, Worsbrough Dale.

Tuesday 10 December 2024 11am – Elm Court Community Centre, Worsbrough Bridge.

Kenrday Area Your Community Your Say Meeting

Monday 18 March 2024 at 1.30pm – Lavendar Court, Kendray

Tuesday 28 May at 12pm – Central Working mens club, Brocklehurst Avenue, Kendray, S70 3EE

Wednesday 11 September 2024 at 1.30pm – Lavendar Court, Kendray

Wombwell – Aldham House Lane Area Your Community Your Say Meeting

Wednesday 28 February 2024 at 12pm - Hudsons Haven Community Centre, Wombwell.

Wednesday 22 May 2024 at 1pm - Hudsons Haven Community Centre, Wombwell.

Wednesday 25 September 2024 at 1pm - Hudsons Haven Community Centre, Wombwell.

Wednesday 18 December 2024 at 1pm  Hudsons Haven Community Centre Wombwell.

Central Area Your Community Your Say Meeting

Wednesday 21 February 2024 at 1pm – Churchfields Community Centre.

Tuesday 21 May 2024 at 10am – King Street Community Centre.

Wednesday 4 September 2024 at 1pm – Churchfields Community Centre.

Tuesday 3 December 2024 at 10am – King Street Community Centre.

Central team estate walkabouts 2024

Gerald Road         

Rearranged to Monday 8 July, 10-11am

Meet at the top of Gerald Road, move onto Gerald Place, Gerald Close, Gerald Crescent, and Gerald Walk.

Hudsons Haven Sheltered complex and Storeys Gate

Rearranged to Thursday 11 July, 10-11am

Meet at 10am at Hudsons Haven move onto Storeys Gate, Roy Kilner Road, Upton Close, 74 + Aldham House Lane, Owler Close and Willow Garth.


Wednesday 19 June, 10am

Meet at Wharncliffe at 10am then onto Abbey Green, Birdwell Road, Broomcroft, Brough Green, Castle Close, Cawthorne Close, Fairway, Gilroyd Bridge, Gilroyd Lane, Green Lane, Hazleshaw, Locke Road, Low Street, Northorpe, Rob Royd, Rockingham Road, Rockleys, Saville Road, The Hollins, The Link, Wharncliffe, Wilson Walk, Snow Hill, and Needlewood.

Worsbrough Bridge 2     

Rearranged to Thursday 18 July, 10am

Meet at Eastfields at 10am, move onto Broomroyd, Queensway, Westfields, Berrydale, Clayroyd, Hardwick Close, George Street, Ashover Street, Charles Street, Brockfield Close, Lobwood.

Lambert Rd / Redhill Ave

Rearranged to Monday 22 July, 10am

Meet at the top of Redhill Avenue at 10am, move onto Lambert Road, Oaks Crescent, and Doncaster Road 269 – 223.

Worsbrough Common

Wednesday 10 July, 10am

Meet at bottom of Highstone Avenue, then California Street, California Crescent, Canada Street, Columbia Street, Highstone Avenue, Highstone Vale, Highstone Crescent, Farview Terrace, Kenworthy Road, Warren Crescent, Warren Place, Dickinson Road, Dickinson Place.

Neville Court / Close and Aldham House Lane

Wednesday 17 July, 10am

Meet at the higher numbers on Pearson Crescent at 10am move onto 77-155 Aldham House Lane, Neville Close, Neville Court, Fellows walk, Mont Walk, Janets Walk, Spring Walk, Richardson Walk.

Ardsley / Stairfoot             

Wednesday 24 July, 10am

Meet at top of Scarfield Close at 10am, move onto Alexandra Terrace, Chapel Street, Chapel Place, Coronation Terrace, Pinfold Close, New Street, and Gordon Street.

Dodworth /Higham          

Wednesday 31 July, 10am

Meet at Gate Crescent at 10am then onto Barnsley Road, Castle View, Gate Crescent, Wareham Grove, Queens Drive, South Crescent, South Road, Windsor Drive and Thornley Ave. Then meet at Higham Lane at approx. 11.45am and then onto Higham Common Road.  

Maltas Court,Sheltered Complex Worsbrough Dale

Wednesday 7 August, 10am

Meet at Maltas Court then move onto bank End Avenue, Bank End Road, Monkspring, Swaithedale, Allendale, Darley, and Melton Terrace.

Colley Crescent

Wednesday 14 August, 10am

Meet at the low numbers on Farm Road at 10am, move onto, Broom Close, Colley Crescent, Colley Avenue, and Edward Close

Elm Court Sheltered Complex/ Worsbrough Bridge

Wednesday 21 August, 10am  

Meet at Haldene at 10am, move onto Elmsdale, St James Close, Lewendale, Underhill, Ravens Court, Baden Street, Wallbrook, Dovedale, Oakdale Close, Dovedale Place, Elm Court, Ravenholt.

Neville Avenue        

Wednesday 4 September, 10am 

Meet at the One Stop Shop on Neville Avenue at 10 am move onto Neville Avenue, Gilbert Grove, Neville Crescent, Calder Crescent, Don Drive, Sheaf Court, Neville Close, and Ash Grove.


Wednesday 11 September, 10am

Meet at Woodland Drive at 10am (traffic light end) , then onto Woodland Drive , Glenmoor Avenue , Moorland Avenue , Fall Close and Stone Croft , Horsewood Close, Broomfield Close . Then onto Broadway, Arncliffe Drive and Linton Close.

King Street Sheltered complex 

Wednesday 18 September,10am

Meet at King Street, then Waltham Street, Churchfields, Berneslai Close,  Honeywell Street (2-5), Eldon Street North, Bridge Street.


Wednesday 25 September, 10am

Meet at Collins Close then onto Cliffe Crescent, Collins Close, Parwich Walk, Low View, Naylor Grove, Pollyfox Way, Intake Crescent, Smithywood Lane, South Street, Stainborough Road, Strafford Walk.

Birk Avenue Area 

Wednesday 2 October, 10am

Meet at the low numbers on Thornton Road, move onto Thornton Road, Birk Avenue, Birk Road, Croft Road, Hunningley Lane, Lockeaflash Crescent.

Wood Street                    

Wednesday 16 October, 10am

Meet at Rebecca Row, then Allatt Close, Providence Court, Fleming Place, Wood Street, Princess Street, Princess Street garage site, Silver Street garage site, Park Road, Pond Street.


Wednesday 23 October, 10am

Meet at Bainton Drive, then  Caistor Avenue, Ellington Court, Dyson Street, Keresforth Hill Road, Kingstone Place, Laceby Court, Racecommon Road, Raley Street, The Square.

Your Central neighbourhood team

Aldham House, Stairfoot: Aldham House Lane, Fellows Walk, Holgate, Hudson Haven, Janets Walk, Mill Hill, Mont Walk, Neville Close, Neville Court, Owler Close, Pearson Crescent, Richardson Walk, Roy Kilner Road, Simonsway, Spring Walk, Storeys Gate, Upton Close, Willow Garth, Wortley Avenue, Gordon Street, Hopewell Street, New Street, Oxford Street.Ardsley Kingstone King Street: Alexandra Terrace, Chapel Place, Pinfold Close, Scarfield Close, Bainton Drive, Caistor Avenue, Dyson Street, Ellington Court, Keresforth Close, Keresforth Hill Road, Kingstone Place, Laceby Court, Raley Street, The Square, King Street.

Arncliffe Drive, Broomfield Close, Glenmoor Avenue, Horsewood Close, Linton Close, Stone Croft, Fall Close, Moorland Avenue, Woodland Drive, Abbey Green, Birdwell Road, Broomcroft, Brough Green, Castle Close, Cawthorne Close, Fairway, Gilroyd Lane, Green Lane, Hazelshaw, Locke Road, Low Street, Needlewood, Northorpe, Rob Royd, Rockingham Road, Rockleys, Saville Road, The Hollins, The Link, Wharncliffe, Wilson Walk, Railway Cottages, Rhodes Terrace, Higham Common Road, Racecommon Road, Blenheim Gardens, St Georges Road, Alma Street, Avon Street,  Pontefract Road, Bala Street, Bank Street, Blenheim Avenue Garage Plot 6, Broadway, Doncaster Road. 

Barnsley Road, Castle View, Cliffe Crescent, Collins Close, Gate Crescent, South Road, Hawthorne Crescent, Higham Lane, Intake Crescent, Low View, Naylor Grove, Parwich Walk, Pollyfox Way, Queens Drive, Snow Hill, South Crescent, South Road, Stainborough Road, Thornely Avenue, Wareham Grove, Welfare View, Windsor Drive.

Britannia Close, Copper Close, Duke Crescent, Albion House, Buckley House, Burton Terrace, Boundary Street, Lulworth Close, Portland Street, Ivy Terrace, Union Court, Brinkman Street, Dobie Street, Dodworth Road, Doncaster Road, Hibbert Terrace, Keir Street, Broadway, Cemetery Road, Clyde Street, Commercial Street, Corporation Street, Cranbrook Street, Dodworth Road, Eldon Street North, Farrar Street, Fitzwilliam Street, Gold Street, Grafton Street, Henshall Street, Chilton Street, Huddersfield Road, James Street, Mottram Street, Jubilee Terrace, Junction Street, Lancaster Street, Livingstone Terrace, Nicholas Street, Nursery Street, Oxford Street, Parker Street, Park Road, Pond Street, Pontefract Road, Princess Street, Queens Road, Richard Street, Sackville Street, Springfield Street, St Georges Road, St Johns Road, Sunderland Terrace, Tower Street, Tune Street, Upper Sheffield Road, Vaal Street, Victoria Road, Waltham Street, Wellington Place, Wharnecliffe Street, Wilby Lane, Windermere Road, Wood Street, Britannia House, Church Street, Honeywell Street, Allatt Close, Fleming Place, Providence Court, Rebecca Row. Agnes Road, Bridge Street

Arthur Street, Ashover Close, Berrydale, Blackburn Street, Brockfield Close, Broomroyd, Charles Street, Clayroyd, Dawcroft Avenue, Dovedale, Dovedale Place, Eastfields, Edmund Street, Elmcourt, Elmsdale, George Street, Haldene, Hardwick Close, John Street, Kendal Crescent, Lewdendale, Lobwood, Meadow View, Oakdale, Oak Lea, Osmond Drive, Park Road, Park View, Queensway, Ravenholt, Ravenscourt, Roundwood Court, Saxon Crescent, Shield Avenue, St James Close, Tudor Way, Underhill, Vernon Road, Walbrook, Westfields

Allendale, Baden Street, Bank End Avenue, Cliffedale Crescent, Cross Street, Darley, Edmunds Road, George Street, Greenwood Avenue, Heptinstall Street, High Street Hollygate, James Street, Knowle Road, Maltas Court, Melton Terrace, Monkspring, Overdale Avenue, Pantry Green, Pantry Well, Station Road, Swaithedale, Thickett Lane, Underwood Avenue, Wellington Crescent, West Street, Yewdale, Yews Avenue, Yews Lane

Bedford Street, Bismarck Street, Bruce Avenue, California Crescent, California Street, California Terrace, Canada Street, Columbia Street, Cope Street, Dickinson Place, Dickinson Road, Dillington Road, Dillington Square, Essex Road, Farview Terrace, Highstone Avenue, Highstone Crescent, Highstone Road, Highstone Vale, Howard Street, Kenworthy Road, Middlesex Street, Mount Vernon Avenue, Peel Street, Surrey Close, Vernon Close, Warren Crescent, Warren Place, Warren Quarry Lane, Cope Street. Beverley Avenue, Cromwell Mount, Darley Avenue, Fernbank Close, Genn Lane, Highfield Avenue, Highroyds, Highstone Corner, Highstone Lane, Holgate Mount, Kingwell Crescent, Locke Avenue, Mayfield Crescent, Mount Vernon Road, Napier Mount, Norcroft, Strafford Avenue, Vernon Crescent. St Barts Terrace, Beckett Hospital Terrace, Bark Street

Ash Grove, Birch Road, Birk Avenue, Birk Crescent, Birk Green, Birk Road, Hunningley Lane, Lambert Road, Larch Place, Laurel Avenue, Lockeaflash Crescent, Cypress Road, Thornton Road, Worsley Close, Yews Lane, Yews Place, Cedar Crescent, Oaks Crescent, Phillip Road, Poplars Road, Raymond Road, Redhill Avenue, Reginald Road, Malcolm Close, Don Drive, Sheaf Court

Broom Close, Calder Crescent, Colley Avenue, Colley Crescent, Croft Road, Edward Close, Farm Road, Gerald Close, Gerald Place, Gerald Road, Gerald Walk, Gilbert Grove, Masons Way, Neville Avenue, Neville Close, Neville Crescent, Pine Close, Swanee Road, The Firs

Summer Lane: Aireton Road, Austwick Walk, Coalby Walk, Eshton Walk, Gayle Court, Holwick Court, Ingleton Walk, Kilnsea Walk, Langdon Walk, Litton Walk, Malham Court, Prospect Street, Rock Street, Keir Street, Churchfield. Broadway Churchfields: Berneslai Close, Churchfields Close, Arncliffe Drive, Broomfield Close, Glenmoor Avenue, Horsewood Close, Linton Close, Stone Croft, Fall Close, Moorland Avenue, Woodland Drive. 


Registered address:

10th floor, Gateway Plaza, off Sackville St, Barnsley, South Yorkshire, S70 2RD

Berneslai Homes Limited is a company controlled by Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council. A company limited by guarantee, registered in England and Wales, number 4548803