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North East and Dearne neighbourhood team

The North East and Dearne team covers these council wards: Cudworth, Monk Bretton, North East, Royston, Dearne North and South.

The Team Leader is Leanne Cook.

Contact the North East and Dearne team

If you need to speak to a neighbourhood officer and see them on your estate, just call them over. They will be happy to help.

You can also contact your neighbourhood team by:

The team will look into your enquiry and if it requires a response will get back to you as soon as possible. We aim to respond to emails within five working days and prioritise all requests for service considering urgency, vulnerabilities, and risk. If you have non urgent enquiry, use our online form to contact us.

You can also phone our general enquiry number 01226 787878 between 9am and 5pm, Monday to Friday (this is also available 24 hours a day for emergency or urgent situations).

Our customer services team will be able to help you with most enquiries, and if they can’t help, they will take details of your question and a neighbourhood officer will contact you about it within five working days.

If they feel your question needs answering more urgently, they will ask a neighbourhood officer to contact you sooner.

North East And Dearne Neighbourhood Team Photo

Your local estate walkabouts and 'Your Community, Your Say' meetings

North East and Dearne estate walkabouts 2024:


Rearranged to Wednesday 25 September, 11am

Meet at: the junction of Dell Avenue and Brierley Road then onto Clear View, Dell Avenue, Park Avenue, Park Road, Central Avenue, Willowdene Road, Clifton Road, Mount Avenue and Mount Road.

Park Estate / Kingsway/ Thurnscoe East 

Rearranged to Tuesday 9 July, 10am

Meet at: Bottom of Stotfold Drive. Stotfold Drive, School Street, Ashberry Close, Orchard Way, Oak Road, Acorn Avenue, Springbrook Close, Garden Street, John Street, King Street, Vincent Terrace, George Street, Lidget Close.

Birkwood Avenue Darfield Road   

Rearranged to Wednesday 12 July, 3pm

Meet at: the entrance to Westhaven areas covered Birkwood Avenue, Emsley Avenue, Belmont, Stanley Street, Darfield Road, Moorland Terrace and Westhaven


Rearranged to Wednesday 17 July, 1pm

Meet at: 48 Belmont Avenue Estate Office, St Helens Avenue, Belmont Avenue, Carlton Road and Ridings Avenue. 


Rearranged to Thursday 18 July, 11am

Meet at: Calder Vale, Calder Avenue, Calder Vale, Bisley Close, Cross Lane, The Lilacs and East End Crescent.

Carrfield Lane, Ringway Bolton on Dearne 

Rearranged to Friday 19 July, 10am

Meet at: Heather walk near number 1, Billingley View, Beckfield Grove, Fairfield, Heather Walk, Broom Close, Primrose Close, Clover Walk, Campion Close, Hall Broome Gardens, Crofton Drive, Highgate Lane, Carrfield Lane, Ringway, Crossways, East Croft, Stump Cross Gardens, Far Croft, St Andrews Square, Brow View and Carrhead Lane. 

Manor Est Hillside, Brierley      

Rearranged to Thursday 25 July, 2pm

Meet at: the bottom of Windmill Avenue where it meets Brierley Road then onto Brierley Road, Windmill Avenue, Manor Crescent, Manor Grove, Hillside Crescent, Hillside Mount, Hillside Grove and Hillside.

Newland Newtown 

Rearranged to Friday 26 July, 3pm

Meet at: the Cudworth Police Station on Manor Road areas covered Newland Avenue, Summerdale Road, Newtown Avenue, Newtown Green, Lunn Road, Carrs Lane, Firth Avenue, York Street, Co-op Street, Manor Road, Somerset Street, Bloemfontein Street and Jackson Street. 

Lower end below Houghton Road- Thurnscoe

Rearranged to Monday 29 July, 10am

Meet at: Kingsway (Houghton Road end), Lansdowne Close, Marlborough Close, Kingsway, Park Road, Church Street, Albert Street, Edward Street, Butcher Street, Common Road, Lorne Road, Horsemoor Road, Houghton road, Southfield Lane and Southfield Crescent.  

Market Street, Goldthorpe      

Wednesday 10 July 2024, 10am

Meet at: St Mary’s Road, Kathleen Grove, Nora Street, Main Street, King Street, Market Street, Market Square, Co-operative Street and Beever Street.

Monk Bretton

Thursday 11 July 2024, 11am      

Meet at: Silverdale Community Centre, Silverdale drive, High Street. Elm Place, Wainscott Close, April Drive, Bentham Drive, Burton Avenue, Hunt Close, Spring Gardens, Judy Row, Orchard Close, Back Lane, Farm Close, Lamb lane, Well Lane, Fleetwood Avenue, Garden House Close St Helens Way, Folly Mews and Beacon View.

Burton Grange  

Wednesday 17 July 2024, 11am

Meet at: Burton Grange Community Centre Corner, Abbots Road, Friars Road, Harwood Terrace, Trueman Terrace, Lang Avenue, Lang Crescent, Lund Lane, Martins Road, Michael Road, Roger Road, Wike Road, Wycombe Street, William Road, Vincent Road and Pontefract Road. 

Royd / Saxon area Cudworth

Friday 19 July 2024, 3pm

Meet at: Bow Street Council Office areas covered Royd Avenue, Saxon Street, Snydale Road, East View, School Hill, Saville Street, Methley Street, Churchfield Crescent, Churchfield Terrace and Church View. 


Wednesday 24 July 2024, 10am

Meet: outside Manor Court, Doles Avenue, Doles Crescent, Manor Drive, Grange Road, Croft Avenue, Meadstead Drive, High View, Manor View and Manor Drive.

Rosetree, Cudworth 

Friday 2 August 2024, 3pm

Meet: outside the doctor’s surgery at the entrance to Rose Tree. Areas covered Almond Avenue, Limetree Close, Oaktree Avenue, Rosetree Avenue, Sycamore Avenue, Willow Close, Park Avenue, Beech Avenue, Sidcop Road, Newington Avenue, Horbury Road and Royston Road. 

West Green

Friday 23 August 2024, 3pm

Meet: on Grace Street, areas covered Bentley Close, Burton Crescent, Burton Road, Carr Street and Grace Street. 

Monk Bretton

Wednesday 28 August 2024, 11am

Meet: Bottom Carnforth Road, Carnforth Road, Crosby Court, Blundell Court. Lytham Avenue, Furnessdene, Ainsdale Court, King Edward street, Heysham Green, Preston Way, Walney Fold, Formby Court and Fishdam Lane.


North East and Dearne Your Community Your Say meetings  2024:

Silverdale Drive Community Centre, Monk Bretton Thursday 22 February, 2pm

Meadow Crescent Community, Royston Monday 26 February 2024, 11am

Silverdale Drive Community Centre, Monk Bretton Thursday 18 April, 2pm

Meadow Crescent Community Centre, Royston Monday 22 April, 11am, 2pm

Silverdale Drive Community Centre, Monk Bretton, Thursday 20 June, 2pm

Meadow Crescent Community Centre, Royston Monday 24 June, 11am

Silverdale Drive Community Centre, Monk Bretton Thursday 3 October, 2pm

Meadow Crescent Community Centre, Royston Monday 7 October, 11am

Silverdale Drive Community Centre, Monk Bretton Thursday 28 November, 2pm

Meadow Crescent Community Centre, Royston Monday 2 December, 11am

Your North East and Dearne neighbourhood team

Shafton: Bedale Walk, Bleak Avenue, Dog Hill, Dog Hill Drive, Greenside, Hazledene Crescent, Henry Close, High Street, Litton Walk, Manor View, Millside, Millside Walk, Redthorne Way, Sceptone Grove, The Brickyard, The Green View, Tollgate Close. Brierley: Chestnut Avenue, Common Road, Grange Court, Grange Road, Hillside, Hillside Crescent, Hillside Grove, Hillside Mount, Hilltop, Park Avenue, Park Road, Park View, Regina Crescent 

Abbey Lane, Abbots Road, Friars Road, Harwood Terrace, Lang Avenue, Lang Crescent, Lund Lane, Michael Road, Pontefract Road, Roger Road, Trueman Terrace, Vincent Road, Wike Road, Willman Road, Wycombe Street, Darrington Place, Harold Avenue, Lewis Road, Pontefract Road, Priory Crescent, Priory Place, Priory Road, Littleworth Lane, Grange Crescent, Grange Lane, Jacques Place, Pontefract Road, Rotherham Road, Tuxford Crescent, Cherry’s Road.  

Acre Road, Belmont, Birkwood Avenue, Bloemfontein Street, Carrs Lane, Churchfield Crescent, Churchfield Terrace, Church View, Co-operative Street, Crown Avenue, Darfield Road, East View, Emsley Avenue, Firth Avenue, Lunn Road, Manor Road, Market Street, Methley Street, Moorland Terrace, Newland Avenue, Newtown Avenue, Newtown Green, Pleasant View, Royd Avenue, Saville Street, Saxon Street, School Hill, Snydale Road, Somerset Street, Southfield Road, Stanley Street, Summerdale Road, Westhaven, York Street  

Blundell Court, Elm Place, Farm Close, Fleetwood Avenue, Garden House Close, Judy Row, Lamb Lane, Orchard Close, Silverdale Drive, Spring Gardens, St Helen’s Way, Wainscott Close, Well Lane, High Street, Carnforth Road, Lytham Avenue, Ainsdale Court, Bewdley Court, Bisley Close, Bromfield Court, Calder Avenue, Calder Vale, Church Hill, Coronation Avenue, Cross Lane, East End Crescent, Godley Street, Kingsland Court, Meadow Crescent, Meadow Road, Milgate Street, Park Avenue, Park Crescent, Park View, Pembridge Court, Poplar Terrace, Robin Hood Avenue, Rowland Street, The Lilacs, Victoria Road, West Grove

Byron Street, Cross Street, Ebenezer Street, John Street, Mount Avenue, Norfolk Court, Norfolk Road, Oakhaven Avenue, Pleasant Avenue, Potts Crescent, Rotherham Road, Springvale Road, Stonebridge Lane, Thurnscoe Lane, Wescoe Avenue, Brierley Road, Carlton Street, Central Avenue, Clear View, Clifton Road, Dell Avenue, Greenbank Walk, Hastings Street, High Street, Manor Crescent, Manor Grove, Meadow Crescent, Milefield View, Mount Avenue, Mount Road, North View, Park Avenue, Springfield Road, Stacey Crescent, Willowdene Road, Windmill Avenue 

Albert Street, Almond Avenue, Barnsley Road, Beech Avenue, Charles Street, Clifford Street, Horbury Road, Kings Road, Limetree Close, Newington Avenue, Oak Tree Avenue, park Avenue, Pontefract Road, Queens Road, Rose Tree Avenue, Royston Road, Sidcop Road, Sycamore Avenue, The Grove, Willow Close, April Drive, Baycliff Close, Beacon View, Bentham Drive, Bentley Close, Burton Avenue, Burton Crescent, Burton Road, Carr Street, Cartmell Court, Edenfield Close, Fishdam Lane, Folly Mews, Formby Court, Furnessdene, Fylde Close, Grace Street, Heysham Court, Heysham Green, Hunt Close, Kind Edward Street, Kirkham Place, Poulton Street, Preston Way, Rainford Drive, St Annes Drive, St Michaels Avenue, Walney Fold, Belmont Avenue, Carlton Road, Ridings Avenue, Rotherham Road, St Helens Avenue

Back Lane West, Central Drive, Chevet View, Common Lane, Croft Avenue, Doles Avenue, Doles Crescent, East Pinfold, Grange Road, Greenwood Crescent, High View, Holly Croft Avenue, Jesmond Avenue, Kirk Cross Crescent, Manor Drive, Manor Grove, Meadstead Close, Meadstead Drive, Newtown Avenue, Northlands, Oakwood Crescent, Queensway, Redwood Avenue, South Drive, Station Road, Sycamore Drive, Well Hill Grove, West End Avenue, West End Crescent, Westfields, West Pinfold, Briggs Street, Brookfield Terrace, Carlton Green, Carlton Road, Chapel Lane, Crookes Lane, Fishdam Lane, Manor Street, Newman Avenue, Ridgeway Crescent, Southfield Cottages, Springbank Close, Stockshill Close, The Close, Wharncliffe Street, Wood Lane, Woodmore Street

Beckfield Grove, Billingley View, Broom Close, Brow View, Campion Close, Carrfield Lane, Carr Green, Carr Head Lane, Chapel Street, Clover Walk, Crofton Drive, Crossways, East Croft, Fairfield, Furlong Road, Greengate Close, Hallbroome Gardens, Heather Court, Heather Walk, Highgate Lane, High Street, Ladycroft, Mexborough Road, Primrose Close, Prospect Road, Ringway, St Andrews Square, Stumpcross Gardens, The Crescent, The Green, Thurnscoe Road, Willowcroft, Barnsley Road Halfway Close, Lincoln Gardens, Probert Avenue, Sankey Square, Highgate Court, Highgate Lane, Nicholas Lane, William Street 

Albert Street, Burnside, Butcher Street, Challenger Crescent, Chapel Street, Chestnut Grove, Church Street, Church Street Close, Clayton Lane, Common Road, Edward Street, Gooseacre Avenue, Horsemoor Road, Houghton Road, Kingsway, Lansdowne Close, Lingamoor Leys, Lorne Road, Lowgrange Road, Lowgrange Square, Manor Road, Manor Square, Marlborough Close, Merrill Road, Monsal Street, Park Road, Peartree Avenue, Peartree Court, Richmond Road, Southfield Crescent, Southfield Lane, St Peters Gate, Wensley Street, Westfield Crescent, Whin Gardens, Whinside Crescent, Whyn View

Barnburgh Lane, Barnsley Road, Beever Street, Co-operative Street, Cross Street, Derwent Gardens, Doncaster Road, Furlong Road, Gaitskell Close, Goldthorpe Green, Homecroft Road, Hope Avenue, Jackson Street, Kathleen Grove, Kennedy Drive, King Street, Lindale Gardens, Main Street, Market Square, Market Street, Nora Street, Park End Road, Pickhills Avenue, Poplar Avenue, St Mary’s Road, Straight Lane, Washington Road, Welfare View, Windermere Avenue, Miners Row, Ashberry Close, Garden Street, George Street, John Street, King Street, Lidgett Close, Orchard Way, School Street, Stotfold Drive, Vincent Terrace, Garden Street 

Registered address:

10th floor, Gateway Plaza, off Sackville St, Barnsley, South Yorkshire, S70 2RD

Berneslai Homes Limited is a company controlled by Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council. A company limited by guarantee, registered in England and Wales, number 4548803