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North neighbourhood team

The North neighbourhood team covers these council wards: Darton East and West, Old Town, St Helens, Penistone East and West.

The Team Leader is Jolanta Walker. 

Contact the North team

If you need to speak to a neighbourhood officer and see them on your estate, just call them over. They will be happy to help.

You can also contact your neighbourhood team by:

The team will look into your enquiry and if it requires a response will get back to you as soon as possible. We aim to respond to emails within five working days and prioritise all requests for service considering urgency, vulnerabilities, and risk. If you have non urgent enquiry, use our online form to contact us.

You can also phone our general enquiry number 01226 787878 between 9am and 5pm, Monday to Friday (this is also available 24 hours a day for emergency or urgent situations).

Our customer services team will be able to help you with most enquiries, and if they can’t help, they will take details of your question and a neighbourhood officer will contact you about it within five working days.

If they feel your question needs answering more urgently, they will ask a neighbourhood officer to contact you sooner.

North Neighbourhood Team Photo

Your local estate walkabouts and 'Your Community, Your Say' meetings

We’re currently reviewing how we do local engagement in your area.

North Area and Penistone estate walkabouts 2024

Darton East Ward

California 1, Windhill and Bluebell Road

Wednesday 7 August, 10am

 Meet Windhill Drive then onto Windhill: Windhill Avenue, Windhill Crescent, Windhill Drive, Windhill Lane, Windhill Mount, Bluebell Road.

California 2, Windhill and Bluebell Road

Wednesday 15 May, 10am

Meet at Keswick Road, Grasmere Crescent, Coniston Avenue, Sackup Lane.

Staincross 1

Wednesday 4 September, 10am

Meet at Alder Close, then onto Alder Close, Grove Road, higher part of Kingsway, Longsight Road, Maple Road, Oakfield Court, Princess Street, Valley Road.


Wednesday 11 September, 10am

Meet opposite the Talbot Inn, then onto Crossgate, Towngate, Wellgate, Spark Lane, Greenside and Greenside Avenue, Canary Court then to Fountain Court and Station Cottages, Darton.

Kexbrough 3

Friday 23 August, 10am

Meet at Bretton Close, then onto Airedale Road, Allendale Road and Lynton Place. 


Thursday 22 August, 10am

Meet at Claycliffe Avenue then onto Claycliffe Avenue, Mawfield Road, Barugh Green Road, St Thomas.


Gawber 1

Monday 5 August, 10am

Meet at Harry Road, then onto Redbrook Road, Gawber Road, Harry Road, Hollowdene, Rowland Road, Samuel Road, Samuel Square, Walton Street, Walton Street North and Wood View Lane.


Old Town Ward

Honeywell Estate

Thursday 25 July, 10am

Meet at 174 Honeywell Street then onto Aqueduct Street, Carlton Street, Carrington Avenue, Clanricarde Street, Halifax Street, Hartington Drive, Honeywell Grove, Honeywell Lane, Honeywell Place, Issott Street, Rockingham Street, Sandbeck Close, Smithies Street, Stone Street, Wheatley Close, Pleasant View Croft.


Honeywell Complex/Eldon Street North

Wednesday 10 July, 10am

Meet at Windham Close Car Park then onto Windham Close, Barnabus Walk, Honeywell Close, Leighton Close, Orchard Walk, Canal Street, Honeywell Street 55 – 184.

Cockerham Lane/Wilthorpe

Brierfield Close Area

Thursday 12 September, 10am

Meet at bottom of Brierfield Close then onto Brierfield Close, George Street, Stocks Lane (including garage site), Gawber bungalows: Cottesmore Close, Gawber Road, Ketton Road, Oakham Place, Rutland Way.


Penistone East

Hood Green, Crane Moor, Wortley

Thursday 15 August, 10am


Meet at Hood Green then onto Greno View, The Crescent. Then meet at Crane Moor onto Ayton View, Cliffe Avenue, Poplar Terrace and South View. Finally, to Wortley and onto Harper Hill and Hillside Way. 


Silkstone, Silkstone Common

Friday 20 September, 10am

Meet at Martin Croft, Silkstone, Packhorse Green, High Street, Manor Park, & Highfield Cottages. Then meet at Viewlands, Silkstone Common, Beacon Close, Moorend Lane, and Moorend Place.


Pilley and Tankersley

Tuesday 14 May, 10am

Meet at Welfare Hall, Pilley, Chapel Road, Stainborough View, Worsbrough View, Pilley Lane, Rockley View, The Avenue, and Lidgett Lane.  Then meet Tankersley: Princess Grove, Grange View, Westwood New Road, Walker Road, Fenn Road, Macnaughton Road, Glebe Court.


High Hoyland, Cawthorne and Hoylandswaine

Friday 12 July, 10am

Meet at Upperfield Lane, High Hoyland. Then meet at The Park, Cawthorne and onto Church Street, Orchard Terrace & Stanhope Avenue, Haigh Lane and The Nook, Hoylandswaine. 



Wednesday 17 July, 10am

Meet at The Willows then onto The Willows, Mayfield, Sheffield Road, and Vale View.

Penistone West Ward

Thurlstone and Ingbirchworth

Wednesday 14 August, 10am

Meet at Westfield Avenue then onto Newsmithy Avenue, Newsmithy Drive, Westfield Avenue, and Towngate. Then meet at Wellthorne Avenue Inbirchworth.

Dunford Bridge, Carlecoates, Crow Edge, Millhouse Green

Thursday 11 July, 10am

Meet at Dunford Bridge then Don View, Brookhill, Middlecliffe Drive, Manchester Road, New Royd, Royd Avenue.  


Berrywell, Penistone A (behind Town Hall)

Thursday 19 September, 10am

Meet at Berrywell Avenue then onto Castle Close, Bosville Street, Burnett Close,

Then meet at Pendon House then onto Shrewsbury Close, Sycamore Walk, Victoria Street, Ward Street, Hodgkinson Avenue, Lees Avenue, Eastfield Avenue, Mears Close, Churchview Crescent, and Churchview Road.


Cubley and Penistone B (Park Avenue) 1

Wednesday 2 October, 10am

Meet at Lyttleton Crescent then onto Lyttleton Crescent, Gledhill Avenue, Racecommon Avenue, Hackings Avenue, Mortimer Drive, New Chapel Avenue, Cubley Wood Close, New Chapel Road.


Cubley and Penistone B (Park Avenue) 2

Wednesday 23 October, 10am

Clarel Street, Chapelfield Lane, Chapelfield Walk, St Johns Close, Broomfield Walk, Bluebell Avenue, Hartcliffe Avenue, Schole Avenue, Park Avenue, Park Lane. 


St Helens Ward

Smithies/Athersley South



Athersley North 2

Monday 29 July, 10.30am

Meet at community shop then onto Lindhurst Road (from Newstead Road upwards), Clifton Close, Clifton Avenue, Sheerian Close, Wollaton Close, Bramcote Avenue, Strelley Road, Shortfield Close, Upper Forest Road, High Croft Drive, Bellbank Way.


Athersley North 3

Wednesday 21 August, 10.30am

Meet at Newstead Road (Old Sports Centre) then onto Hilltop Avenue, Wilford Road, Fountain Court, Greensett View, Wood Park View, Warsop Road, Stoney Royd, Raven Royd, North Royds Wood.


Athersley North 4

Wednesday 31 July, 10.30am

Meet at Mansfield Road (Tara Office) then onto Mansfield Road, Clipstone Avenue, Rufford Avenue, Kirkby Road, Lindhurst Road (up to Trowel Way), Trowel way, Radcliffe Road, Oxton Road, Ollerton Road (up to Trowel Way) Forest Road, Sutton Avenue, Arnold Road, Linby Road.


Athersley South 1

Thursday 29 August, 10.30am

Meet at Haddon Road/Carlton Road side), Blackheath Walk, Blackheath Close, Blackheath Road, Cromford Avenue, rejoin Haddon Road.


Athersley South 2

Friday 9 August, 10.30am

Meet at bottom of Chatsworth Road, drive to Bamford Avenue, turn left onto Matlock Road, turn onto Lea Road, re-join Matlock Road, Hardwick Crescent, Peak Road, Crich Avenue, Buxton Road re join Chatsworth Road.


Athersley South 3

Monday 8 July, 10.30am

Meet Derwent Road (Chatsworth Road side), Derwent Road, Peveril Crescent, Laithes Close, Derwent Crescent, Baslow road, Totley Close, re -join Baslow Road.


Athersley South 4

Monday 16 September, 10.30am

Meet at bottom of Wingfield Road, Aston Drive, Darley Avenue, Darley Close, Ashbourne Road, Dale Close, Monsal Crescent, Riber Avenue, (finishing Chatsworth road side).


New Lodge 2

Thursday 8 August, 10.30am

Meet at New Lodge Community Centre then onto Standhill Crescent (up to Burn Place), New Lodge Crescent (up to Burn Place), Kirkstall Road, Thorne Close, Hatfield Close, Cayton Close, Elland Close, Murdoch Place, Ganton Place, Langsett Road, Beverley close, Wake Road (Round House medical centre upwards).


New Lodge 3

Wednesday 18 September, 10.30am

Meet at New Lodge Community Centre then onto Beverly Close, Cayton Close, Murdoch Place, Ganton Place, Elland Close, New Lodge Crescent and Standhill Crescent up to Burn Place, Kirkstall Road, Hatfield Close, Newland Road, Thorne Close, Langsett Road.


North Your Community Your Say meetings 2024:

TARA Office, Mansfield Road, Athersley North, St Helens Wednesday 17 April, 2.30pm

Pendon House, Penistone Wednesday 17 April, 10am

Alder Close Community Centre, Darton Wednesday 12 June, 2pm

Priestley Avenue Community Centre, Darton Wednesday 18 September, 2pm

Alder Close Community Centre, Darton Wednesday 11 December, 2pm

Your North neighbourhood team

Woodmoor view, Ashbourne Road, Aston Drive, Athersley Crescent, Athersley Road, Bakewell Road, Bamford Avenue, Baslow Road, Blackheath Close, Blackheath Road, Blakeley close, Bungalow Laithe, Buxton Road, Carlton Road, Chatsworth Road, Crich Avenue, Cromford Avenue, Dale Close, Darley Avenue, Darley Close, Derwent Close, Derwent Crescent, Derwent Road, Haddon Road, Hardwick Crescent, Highfield Avenue, Laithes Close, Lea Road, Matlock Road, Monsal Crescent, Peak Road, Peveril Crescent, Riber Avenue, Rotherham Road, Shirland Avenue, Totley Close, Wingfield Road, Walton Street, Walton Street North. 

Aqueduct Street, Barnabas Walk, Carlton Street, Clanricarde Street, Halifax Street, Hartington Drive, Honeywell Close, Honeywell Grove, Honeywell Street, Issott Street, Leighton Close, Orchard Walk, pleasant view croft, Rockingham Street, Sandbeck Close, Smithies Lane, Smithies Street, Stone Street, Wentworth Street, Wheatley Close, Windham Close,  Honeywell street, Cutty Lane, Palm Street, Brierfield Close,  Canal Street, Carrington Avenue, Cockerham Lane, Granville Street, Greenfoot Lane, Huddersfield Road, Queens Avenue, Stocks Lane, Victoria Crescent, Wakefield Road, Westbourne Grove, Westville Road

Canary Court, Crossgate, Greenside Avenue, Lidgett Road, Pye Avenue, Spark Lane, Wellgate, Alder Close, Broadway, Coniston avenue, George Street, Grasmere Crescent, Greenside, Greenside Avenue, Grove Road, Keswick Road, Kingsway, Longfield Drive, Longsight Road, Maple Road, New Road, New Street, Oakfield Court, Princess Street, Royd Avenue, Sackup Lane, Skelton Avenue, Towngate, Valley Road, Winghill Avenue, Windhill Crescent, Windhill Drive, Windhill Lane, Windhill Mount, Bluebell Road, Fountain Close, Lynton Place, Richmond Avenue, Station Cottages

Beverley Close, Burn Place, Clayton Close, Denby Road, Elland Close, Hatfield Close, Kirkstall Road, Marston crescent, Murdoch Place, Newland Road, New Lodge Crescent, Park Avenue, Selby Road, Sherburn Road, Stainton Close, Standhill Crescent, Thorne Close, Wakefield Road, Wensley Road, Ballfield Avenue, Ballfield Lane, Birthwaite Road, Bretton Close, Brookhill Road, Highfields Road, Holme View, Oakwood Square, Windsor Avenue.




Brook Hill, Berrywell Avenue, Bluebell Avenue, Bosville Street, Broomfield Walk, Burnett Close, Castle Close, Chaplefield Lane, Churchview Crescent, Churchview Road, Clarel Street, Cubley Wood Close, Don Street, Eastfield Avenue, Gledhill Avenue, Hackings Avenue, Hartcliffe Avenue, Hodgkinson Avenue, Lees Avenue, Lyttleton Crescent, Mears Close, Mortimer Drive, New Chapel Avenue, New Chapel Road, Park Avenue, Park Lane, Pendon House, Racecommon Avenue, Schole Avenue, Shrewsbury Close, St Johns Close, Sycamore Walk,Vicarage Walk, Victoria Street, Ward Street, Newsmithy Avenue, Newsmithy Drive, Towngate, Westfield Avenue, Middlecliffe Drive, Don View, Manchester Road, New Royd, Royd Avenue, Westend Avenue, Wellthorne Avenue, Airedale Road, Allendale Road, Priestley Avenue, Uplands Avenue. Churchfield Avenue, Cooper Road. 


Chapel Road, Lidget Lane, Pilley Lane, Princess Grove, Rockley View, Stainborough View, St Pauls Way, The Avenue, Worsbrough View, Highfield Cottage, High Street, Manor Park, Martin Croft, Packhorse Green, Beacon Close, Moorend Lane, Moorland Place, Viewlands, Fenn Road, Glebe Court, Macnaughten Road, Walker Road, Westwood New Road, Churchfields, Fir Tree, Hartcliffe View, Roper Lane, Harper Hill, Hillside Way, Church Street, Orchard Terrace, Stanhope Avenue, The Park, Ayton View, Cliffe Avenue, Poplar Terrace, South View, Upperfield Lane, Greno View, The Crescent, Haigh Lane, The Nook, Mayfield, Sheffield Road, The Willows, Vale View, Cottesmore Close, Gawber Road, Ketton Walk, Oakham Place, Rutland Way, Wood View

Bramcote Avenue, Clifton Avenue, Clifton Close, Egmanton Road, Fountain Court, Greenset View, Hill Top Avenue, Laxton Road, Lindhurst Road, Newstead Road, New Royds Wood, Ollerton Road, Oxton Road, Radcliffe Road, Raven Royd, Sheerien Close, Stoney Royd, Trowell Way, Wakefield Road, Warsop Road, Wilford Road, Wollaton Close, Wood Park View, Harry Road, Hollowdene, Rowland Road.


Edgecliffe place, Ravenfield Court, Ravenfield Drive, Rotherham Road, Ryecroft, Arnold Avenue, Beeston Square, Bellbank Way, Clipstone Avenue, Forest Road, High Croft Drive, Kirby Avenue, Linby Road, Mansfield Road, Rufford Avenue, Shortfield Court, Strelley Road, Sutton Avenue, Upper Forest Road, Watnall Road, Barugh Green Road, Claycliffe Avenue, Mawfield Road, St Thomas Road, Coronation Road, Cross Street, Dearne Hall Road, Higham Common Road, Mary Street. 

Supporting the team. 

Registered address:

10th floor, Gateway Plaza, off Sackville St, Barnsley, South Yorkshire, S70 2RD

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