Housing Management Team

What are Housing Management Officers (HMO)?

Our housing management teams are small groups of officers who are responsible for providing housing management services at a local level. Each team has a team leader and officers who work on your estates.

They spend most of their time on your estates, visiting tenants and residents and doing many different things. They have modern equipment and can access information from your home or estate, so they can quickly deal with your question or problem. Our teams also inspect your estate and you can meet them on the estate to discuss any concerns you have.

What do Housing Management Officers do?
  • Deal with neighbour disputes.
  • Give advice and help to tenants and residents. This could be advice on what to do if you want to improve your own home; transfer to another council property; report a repair; complain about our service; end your tenancy or swap your home with another council tenant.
  • Regularly check the estates to see if the grass needs cutting or if there is litter or graffiti. If a job needs to be done, they will arrange for the council’s Neighbourhood
  • Services team to do this.
  • Work with and help set up local tenants’ and residents’ associations.
  • Take part in customer consultations such as surveys, attending open days and giving presentations at public meetings.
  • Work closely with other people, departments and organisations such as: local councillors; community groups; the Environmental Regulatory Unit; social services and local schools.
  • Work very closely with South Yorkshire Police and the Councils Enforcement Team to tackle antisocial behaviour, youth nuisance or drug-related problems. We regularly share information and carry out joint visits with these agencies to your home if we need to.
  • Work closely with the scheme managers in our older people’s housing schemes.
  • Work with our partners to make sure that any empty property is prepared for re-letting quickly.
  • Work with our specialist lettings staff to make sure that our properties are let in line with our lettings policy.
  • Work with various groups and partnerships at a local level, such as the police, the council and local schools.

Housing management officers work out on your estates on a regular basis. The uniforms they wear (which are clearly marked with a Berneslai Homes logo) mean you can spot them easily on your estate. They also carry an identity badge which has their photo, name and job title on it.

How do I contact my HMO?
  • If you need them and see them on your estate, just call them over.
  • Or you can phone our contact centre on 01226 775555 between 8am and 8pm Monday to Friday and 8am until 1pm on Saturday.  The contact centre will be able to help you with most of your enquiries. If they can’t help, they will take details of your question and your HMO will contact you about it within five working days. If they feel that your question needs answering more urgently, they will ask your HMO to contact you sooner.

You can email your local team, their details are:

Central Team – Council Wards covered -Central, Dodworth, Kingstone, Stairfoot, Worsbrough.

North Area & Penistone Team– Council Wards covered – Darton East & West, Old Town St Helens, Penistone East/ West.

Dearne Team – Council Wards covered – Dearne North & South

South Team Council Wards covered – Darfield, Wombwell, Hoyland Milton, Rockingham

North East Team Council Wards covered – Cudworth, Monk Bretton, North East, Royston