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South neighbourhood team

The South team covers these council wards: Darfield, Wombwell, Hoyland Milton, Rockingham.

The Team Leader post is currently vacant, with Susan Pyne assisting. 

Contact the South team

If you need to speak to a neighbourhood officer and see them on your estate, just call them over. They will be happy to help.

You can also contact your neighbourhood team by:

The team will look into your enquiry and if it requires a response will get back to you as soon as possible. We aim to respond to emails within five working days and prioritise all requests for service considering urgency, vulnerabilities, and risk. If you have non urgent enquiry, use our online form to contact us.

You can also phone our general enquiry number 01226 787878 between 9am and 5pm, Monday to Friday (this is also available 24 hours a day for emergency or urgent situations).

Our customer services team will be able to help you with most enquiries, and if they can’t help, they will take details of your question and a neighbourhood officer will contact you about it within five working days.

If they feel your question needs answering more urgently, they will ask a neighbourhood officer to contact you sooner.

South Neighbourhood Team Photo

Your local estate walkabouts and 'Your Community, Your Say' meetings

We’re currently reviewing how we do local engagement in your area.

Wombwell Your Community, Your Say / PACT meetings

These meetings are held at Shipcroft Close, Wombwell, S73 0HE

Wednesday 2 August, 10am (Berneslai Homes attending)

Wednesday 13 August, 5pm 

Wednesday 25 October, 10am (Berneslai Homes attending)

Wednesday 6 December, 5pm

Hoyland Your Community, Your Say / PACT meetings

These meetings are held at Kirk View Community Centre, Hoyland, S74 9HY

Thursday 7 August, 10am (Berneslai Homes attending)

Wednesday 20 September, 5pm

Monday 30 October, 10am (Berneslai Homes attending)

Wednesday 13 December, 5pm

South area estate walkabouts 2023/34:

Areas covered: Hoyland Central, Hoyland Common, Birdwell, Platts Common, Jump, Hemingfield, Blacker Hill, Jump Farm, Elsecar.

Platts Common and Blacker Hill
Wednesday 16 August, 10am

Sunrise Manor, Barnsley Road, Guest Street, Guest Place, Silkstone View, Woodlands Road, Wentworth Road, Woodhead Drive, Grange View, Worsbrough Road, Wortley View. (Meeting point: Sunrise Manor Centre)

Wednesday 6 September, 10am                                                   

Fitzwilliam Street, Old Row, Wath Road, Zetland Road, Wood View, Market Place. (Meeting point: Gray Street Centre)

Wednesday 11 October, 11am                                               

Allott Crescent, Wentworth Road, Scholes View, Turner Close, Dyer Road, Arundel View, Cemetery Road, Hall Avenue, Preston Avenue, Hallsworth Avenue. (Meeting point: Wentworth Rd/Allott Cres Junction)

Hoyland Common
Thursday 19 October, 11am

Hillcrest, Fearnley Road, Springfield Road, Chapel Street, Greno View, Skiers View Road, Springfield Crescent. (Meeting point: 1 Springfield Road)

Wednesday 25 October, 11am                                                    

Tingle Bridge Lane, Quest Ave, Garden Grove, Cemetery Road, Beech House Lane. (Meeting point: top of Tingle Bridge Lane)


Areas covered: Wombwell, Darfield and Little Houghton

Burrows Grove Estate, Wombwell
Wednesday 5 July, 10am

Burrows Grove, Rutland Place, Tune Street, Bradley Avenue. (Meeting point: 38 Burrows Grove)

Pickup Crescent Estate, Wombwell
Wednesday 19 July, 11am

Pickup Crescent, Thompson Road, Wright Crescent, Goodyear Crescent, Elliott Avenue, Wentworth View, Winders Place. (Meeting point: 18 Elliott Avenue)

Windmill Road Estate, Wombwell
Wednesday 9 August, 11am

Loxley Avenue, Bird Avenue, Sokell Avenue, Windmill Road. (Meeting point: 1 Sokell Avenue)

Little Houghton Estate
Wednesday 23 August, 10am

Albert Crescent, Belmont Crescent, Charles Street, John Street, George Street, Mary Street, Rotherham Road, Lesmond Crescent, Flat Lane, Billingley. (Meeting point: Middlecliffe Working Men’s Club)

Kings Road Estate
Wednesday 13 September, 10am

Collindridge Road, Kelvin Grove, Kings Road, Milton Grove, Gower Street, Hope Street, Margaret Road, Shipcroft Close. (Meeting point: Shipcroft Centre)

Wainwright Avenue, Wombwell
Wednesday 20 September, 11am

Newsome Avenue, Wainwright Place, Wainwright Avenue. (Meeting point: 5 Wainwright Avenue)

Cloughfields Estate Walkabout 1 March 2023

Hemingfield Estate Walkabout 24 November 2022

Norville Crescent Estate Walkabout 2 March 2023

St Peters Estate Walkabout 22 February 2023


Your South neighbourhood team

Beech House Road, Cemetery Road, Garden Grove, Quest Avenue, School Street, Tingle Bridge Lane, Allott Crescent, Arundel View, Cemetery Road, Dobroyd Terrace, Dyer Road, Hall Avenue, Hallsworth Avenue, Preston Avenue, Scholes View, Turner Close, Wentworth Road

Flat Lane, Attlee Crescent, Balkley Lane, Bellbrooke Avenue, Bellbrooke Place, Cliff Road, Coronation Street, Cover Drive, Doncaster Road, Edderthorpe Lane, Albert Crescent, Belmont Crescent, Charles Street, George Street, John Street, Lesmond Crescent, Mary Street, Rotherham Road, Rose Avenue, Norville Crescent, Maran Avenue, Middlecliffe Lane

Clark Street, Coronation Road, Croft Road, Crown Street, Edward Street, Hawshaw Lane, Kirk Balk, Kirk View, Mount Crescent, Royston Hill, St Andrews Crescent, St Andrews Road, Windsor Street, Mell Avenue, Barnsley Road, Guest Place, Guest Street, Pepper Street, Silkstone View, Sunrise Manor, Wombwell Road, Woodlands Road, Woodlands View, Grange View, Wentworth Road, Woodhead Drive, Worsbrough Road, Wortley View

Cloughfields Road, Glenville Close, Meadowview Close, Oak Close, Redwood Close, Shaftesbury Drive, Springwood Road, The Parade, Willow Close, High Street, Headlands Road, Longfields Crescent, Market Street, Royston Cottages, West Street, Wentworth View, Bank Street, Barber Street, Barfield Road, Greenfirled Road, Green Street, Hall Street, King Street, Manorhouse Close, Manor Way, Noble Street, Valley Way, Millhouses Street, Broad Street

Church Street, Cobcar Avenue, Cobcar Lane, Cobcar Street, Fitzwilliam Street, Gray Street, Howse Street, Market Place, Old Row, St Helens Street, Strafford Avenue, Wath Road, Welland Crescent, Wilkinson Road, Wood View, Zetland Road, Cherry Tree Street, Cumberland Clsoe, Cumberland Road, Edinburgh Road, Greenside Lane, Kingswood Crescent, Lilac Crescent, Northumberland Avenue, York Street, Eaden Crescent, Queensway

Castleview, Chapel Close, Chapel Street, Coltfield, Coronation Drive, Locksley Gardens, Sheffield Road, Strafford Grove, Vernon Street, Balk Lane, Hill Top Road, Rockley Avenue, Worsbrough Road, Burcroft Close, Chapel street, Church View, Elm Street, Fearnhouse Crescent, Fearnley Road, Greno View, Hill Crest, Hoyland Road, Parkside Road, Queens Crescent, Queen Street, Regent Street, Rockingham Street, Saville Court, Sheffield Road, Skiers View Road, Springfield Crescent, Springfield Road, Steadfield Lane, Stead Lane, Steele Street, Tinker Lane, Tranmoor Court

Bly Road, Clarehurst Road, Clarney Avenue, Clarney Place, Barnsley Road, Darhaven, East Street, Fensome Way, Illsley Road, Margaret Close, Margaret Road, Morrison Place, Morrison Road, Nanny Marr Road, North Street, Primrose Avenue, Quern way, Ridgeway Avenue, Schofield Place, Schofield Road, Snape Hill Road, South Street, South View, St Barbars Road, Upperwood Road, Verona Rise, West Street, Woodfield Close, Woodhall Flats, Woodhall Road

Bondfield Crescent, Collindridge Road, Copeland Road, Elliott Avenue, Goodyear Crescent, Gower Street, Hadfield Street, Hall Street, Hope Street, Hough Lane, Jardine Street, Junction Close, Kelvin Grove, Kings Court, Kings Road, Margaert Road, Milton Grove, Overdale Road, Park Street, Pickup Crescent, Roebuck Street, Saunders Row, Shipcroft Close, Thompson Road, Wentworth View, Winder Place, Wooley Avenue, Wright Crescent

Aldham House Lane (part), Barnsley Road, Bird Avenue, Blythe Street, Bond Street, Bradley Avenue, Burrows Grove, Foley Avenue, Jones Avenue, Kitchin Road, Littlefield Lane, Loxley Avenue, Main Street, Mount Terrace, Newsome Avenue, Rimmington Road, Rose Grove, Rose Place, Rutland Place, Sadlers Gate, School Street, Sokell Avenue, St Marys Road, Station Road, Stubbs Road, Tune Street, Turner Avenue, Victoria Road, Wainwright Avenue, Wainwright Place, Washington Avenue, Wilson Street, Windmill Road, York Street, Yvonne Grove

Registered address:

10th floor, Gateway Plaza, off Sackville St, Barnsley, South Yorkshire, S70 2RD

Berneslai Homes Limited is a company controlled by Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council. A company limited by guarantee, registered in England and Wales, number 4548803