Search for a vacancy

We advertise available homes every Friday until 12 noon on Tuesday on our Homeseeker website

How do I look for a home?

We advertise available homes every Friday until 12 noon on Tuesday.

You can find out what properties are available on our Homeseeker website.

The advert will tell you:

  • the type of property;
  • the street the property is on;
  • how many bedrooms the property has;
  • how much the rent is and any other charges;
  • any features (for example, a large garden);
  • who can apply (for example, people who are over 60);
  • whether we will give priority to any type of applicant (for example, those whose homes are being demolished); and
  • if we are letting the property based on how long applicants have been on the housing register.
How can I apply for a property?

When you see a home you like and you meet all the requirements in the advert, you can apply to be considered for it on the Homeseeker Website

You can apply for up to three homes a week.

We must receive your application before 12 noon on the Tuesday after we place the advert.

How do I find out if I have been offered a property?

We only contact those applicants who we want to offer the property to. This usually takes up to a week after the advert has closed but can take longer.  We normally contact you by letter, but sometimes we will phone, email or visit you.

We will tell you:

  • the address of the property;
  • information about the property (number of bedroom, rent payable, heating type etc.);
  • the date the tenancy will start;
  • the type of tenancy we will offer; and
  • who and when to contact us about the offer.
Can I find what properties have been let?

We publish information about the properties we have let have been let.

This information will help you work out your chances of being rehoused in similar properties that may become available.