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Here are our ‘Tell us about it’ pages. Tell us about anti-social acts or a change in how to get in touch with you. Tell us about any medical needs or help you want. If you want to end your tenancy or report a repair. Tell us if something has gone wrong. You may want to send praise or an idea or advice.

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We know that sometimes things can go wrong.  If you’re unhappy with a service, or about a decision, you can make a complaint.

Talking it over first

It’s usually better to raise your concerns with the service involved before you use our complaints procedure. Often an issue can be sorted out by talking to an officer, a manager or another person in the service.

alt="Contact Income Team "

Contact Income Team

Rents Enquiries – please complete our online rents form. 




alt="Here is a link to an online form to contact the Homeseeker team."


Homeseeker/ Lettings Enquiries – please complete our online lettings form. 



Housing Management Enquiries – most things can be sorted out by using the main General Enquiry phone number – 01226 787878.  But there may be occasions when you want to contact your Housing Management Officer direct and their contact details can be found in the Housing Management Section.

Still Unhappy?

If you’ve tried this and are still unhappy, or you want us to look into the problem, please give us a call or use our online form. You can also use this form if you want to make a compliment or suggestion.

Review and appeal requests

Request a review of the notice to end your introductory tenancy

Request a review of the notice to extend your introductory tenancy

Request a review of the notice to demote your secure tenancy

Housing application – appealing against a decision

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