We manage a small number of allotments for rent and keep a waiting list for these allotments. These are located in:

  • Bly Road, Darfield
  • Fitzwilliam Street, Elsecar

Groundwork South Yorkshire also manage a large number of allotment sites on behalf of Barnsley Council.  Follow the link to the Barnsley Council website.

Can I apply for an allotment?

Anyone who lives within one mile from the boundary for Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council can apply to rent an allotment.

How do I get an allotment?

You need to complete an Allotment Application form.

If there is a waiting list we will let the next available allotment in order of date of application.

What happens if I do not pay my rent for the allotment?

If your account remains in arrears for 40 days or more we will give you a notice that tells you after 4 weeks the Council can re-enter the allotment and terminate your tenancy.

If we need to carryout works to make the allotment lettable the costs for the work will be recharged.

How do I end my tenancy of an allotment?

You have to give us 12 months notice or longer in writing. Your notice must expire on or before the 6th of April or the 29th September.

How can the Council end my tenancy of an allotment?

The Council can end your tenancy by giving you 12 months notice or longer, in writing on or before the 6th April or the 29th September in any year.

The Council can re-enter the site if:

  • you are declared bankrupt.
  • the named tenant dies.
  • after it has served a 4 weeks notice for rent arrears, or for a breach of tenancy condition or if the tenant becomes a resident in an area that is more than a one mile from the boundary of Barnsley MBC.
How much will renting an allotment cost?

Allotment rent depends on its location and site. You can phone us on 01226 775555 for more information.