Garages and sites

We manage a small number of garages and sites (a site where you would erect your own garage) for rent throughout the Borough and we keep a waiting list.


Can I apply?

Yes, anyone can apply to join the waiting list to rent a garage or site. To do this simply complete our online garage application form.

How do I get a garage or site?

You can apply to rent a garage or site from us by completing the form above.

If there is a waiting list we will let the next available garage or site order of date of

application. However, priority is given to existing Barnsley Council tenants.

If you are wanting to erect a garage on a site you may also need to obtain planning approval. This can depend on the size and type of garage being built and the location of the site.

This interactive map shows the garages and sites across the borough.

How do I end my tenancy?

To end a garage or garage plot tenancy you need to complete our online Notice To End a Garage Tenancy form.

For more information about the way the way we look after the personal information please refer to our privacy promise.

In the case of garage sites you may be required to remove the garage and return the site in its original condition on termination of the tenancy.

How can you end my tenancy?

Berneslai Homes/ Barnsley Council can end your tenancy by giving you one weeks notice, in writing.

Berneslai Homes/ Barnsley Council can:

  • re-enter the site if the named tenant dies.
  • re-enter the site after it has served a one week notice for rent arrears, or for a breach of tenancy condition.
How much will it cost to rent?

The cost of rent for garages and sites depends on their location and site. Contact us on 01226 775555 for further information.

How can I pay for my garage or site rent?

If you rent a garage or site you will sign a tenancy agreement, which sets out your obligations.

All rents have to be paid by direct debit on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis.  Download the Garage Direct Debit Form.  

We also have to charge VAT if we rent a garage to non-council tenants.

What happens if I do not pay my rent?

If you do not pay the rent due we will contact you to discuss the reasons for non-payment. If you continually fail to pay the rent we will give you a Notice to Quit. This gives you 7 days notice that we intend to end your tenancy.

We do not have to go to court to get an order to end your garage or site tenancy, we can simply change the locks or remove the garage from the site. We will charge you with the cost of clearing the contents of the garage and its removal.