Maintaining Your Area

We work closely with Barnsley Council and our partners to make sure that your estate is clean, attractive and well kept.

Our promise

We will:

  • Keep shrub beds, hedges, verges and grassed areas tidy.
  • Cut grass regularly between April and October.
  • Control weeds by spraying verge edges and paved surfaces that we are responsible for once in spring and once in summer.
  • Prune or fell trees that are our responsibility and which need pruning or felling.
  • Remove any offensive graffiti within one working day of being told about it.
  • Keep communal areas in flats and sheltered housing schemes clean and well-maintained.
  • We work with your local community, ‘your community, your say’ group meet regularly. The group is made up of local councillors, Berneslai Homes staff, tenants’ representatives and other service providers such as the police and the council. Members of the public can take part in your local ‘Your Community, Your Say’ meeting.
  • Where the law allows us, arrange for abandoned cars to be removed.
How can I help?

We need your help to keep your estate clean, tidy and attractive. Here’s how you can help.

  • Keep your own garden tidy and prune back any large hedges or shrubs.
  • Look after any fencing which is your responsibility.
  • Recycle your rubbish by using the right bins.

Barnsley Council provide a kerbside collection service of household and recycled waste. Your grey bins are emptied on a different week to your recycling bins and are for general household waste only.

Household waste is collected one week and garden waste, cardboard, glass, cans and paper is collected for recycling in the following weeks.

Each household should have the following:

  • A grey 240 litre bin for general waste; and
  • A green bin for garden waste.

The green bin comes in two sizes. The standard issue bin is 240 litres, and there is a smaller 140 litre bin, for properties without gardens or where storage space is limited.

  • A blue bin; for recycling cardboard and corrugated cardboard.
  • A brown bin: for recycling cans, glass bottles / jars and plastic bottles.
  • A white bag: for recycling mixed paper.

Use one of our websites e-forms to report problems (such as graffiti or rubbish) to us so that we can sort these out as soon as possible.

  • Take any large items of rubbish to the local waste recycling site or arrange for them to be collected by the council. For details of where the waste recycling sites are or how to arrange for a collection (there is a small fee), please see the contact details at the end of this fact sheet.
  • Tell us if there are any areas of your estate that you think need improving.
  • We might not be able to do the improvements straightaway but we can make sure that we consider your suggestion.

We expect all our tenants to keep their garden tidy and in a reasonable condition. We may take action against tenants who fail to do this. We can offer advice to vulnerable tenants who may find it difficult to keep their garden tidy.

Do you have a gardening scheme?

Yes we do. We have vetted companies on your behalf who are competitively priced and trustworthy. You choose a company and then negotiate with them directly. Please note this arrangement is purely between you and the company.  Berneslai Homes is only signposting and have no other responsibility over this service. For further details use the gardening scheme section of our website.

Can I put up a shed or a greenhouse?

If you want to have a shed or greenhouse in your garden, you must ask for permission. To apply simply complete a tenants own alterations e-form through our website.

You may also need planning permission or building regulations consent. Tenants are expected to keep any structures in a good state of repair and painted regularly.

Are there any rules about boundary walls or fences?

You must not remove any part of the boundary fencing or walls, or put up new fencing or walls, without our permission. You must get written permission before any work is started.

The height of the fencing should not be higher than:

  • 2 metres for the rear boundaries.
  • 1 metre for the front garden boundaries.